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Cats are often overfed at home, but this won't stop them stealing food put out for other creatures. A cat will generally eat many foods that a hedgehog will. Once a cat has eaten close to a hedgehog home, its scent is left behind and the hedgehog may find another home as it won't feel safe. This has happened in our garden several times with photographic proof. We then had to change all the bedding, spray around with an antibacterial agent and redesign the entrance to keep out cats in future.

It is always advisable to feed Hedgehogs with cat food, but once a local cat learns this, the cat will always get there first. Try producing a tunnel as shown below and anchor it down with tent pegs and place your offering in the centre . Only hedgehogs (and rats) will have access. If there is a risk of rain, place a plastic bag over the  where you place the bowl of food.


Below; there are always exceptional cats that will leave hedgehogs and their food alone.