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  attracting hedgehogs

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 Hedgehog Care Sitee.

​This website is supporting the associated book​

Attracting & Looking after Hedgehogs by Peter Bassett

Internet links found in the book and more are easily accessed here instead of typing in each link manually; just search for the relevant chapter name from the book and match the page on the left of this home page.

This site / book is not about turning hedgehogs into pets, but concentrate on giving the hedgehog population a help to recover their numbers. A recent survey in 2019 has shown the overall population is still decreasing, but in some outskirts of towns, they are recovering. Perhaps efforts recently made by the public is having a positive effect; may this continue and expand.

This publication supports hedgehog welfare alone, populations of badgers and foxes are increasing on their own partly causing the demise of these spiny creatures.